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Page updated 6.3.2014

Robots conquered the ICT Building

First-year IT students’ Lego robots conquered the lobby of the ICT Building on a December Monday afternoon.

Visitors walking through the corridors got a chance to see Lego robots that were prototypes of the students’ innovations that often make life easier. Robots made from Lego bricks would not end up in actual production.

Some of the Lego robots seen in the corridors of the ICT Building included a Wifé coffeemaker robot, battling Battlemasters robots, a mobile camera/vehicle robot and a robot that squeezes a toothpaste tube completely empty.

Coffee quick fix

Everyday life can certainly be made easier by Wifé (from Wireless and café), a fully automatic coffeemaker. The robot combines wireless technology and automation to make making coffee easier. The mobile-controlled robot uses a WLAN connection, and the user only has to take out the used filter bag, replace it with a new one and make sure that there is ground coffee in the dispenser.

“Wifé doses the ground coffee and water as ordered by the user and makes the desired amount of filter coffee in the pot,” says Jussi Sieppi, an IT student at Turku University of Applied Sciences and member of the project team.

The coffee was good according to those who managed to get a cup of coffee.

“The robot has worked in an exemplary way, and there have been no problems whatsoever in making coffee. Nevertheless, we also brought a conventional coffeemaker so that in case of any technical problems, we could have secured the supply of exhibition coffee,” Sieppi laughs.

Robot battle: Timo vs. Görgen

There was a lot of noise in the corridors when the battle robots Timo and Görgen fought under the staircase and tried to outstrip each other in battle.

“We were inspired by the robot battle programmes of our childhood when we started to design the battle robot pair, Battlemasters,” says project team member Aino Suomela.

An Android application designed by the team controls the robots, and each robot has two points that the opponent tries to hit.

“The competition has been fierce, but Görgen has been more triumphant,” says project team member Valtteri Vainio.