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Teppo Saarenpää

Mr Teppo Saarenpää

M.Sc., Senior Lecturer Phone: +358 44 907 2893 Email: firstname.lastname@turkuamk.fi Group Email: teppo.saarenpaa@turkuamk.fi Location: Joukahaisenkatu 3, 20520 Turku, C-siipi Unit: Engineering and Business, ICT Degree programme: Information and Communications Technology
Degree: Master of Science in electrical engineering. Major in biomedical engineering. Competences: Electronics, English, Training in English, Accessibility/achievability/usability, Well-being technology, Usability and user interface design, Software testing, Pedagogical competence, Project competence, Social and health service systems, Design competence, Competence in developing health service systems and processes, Information systems, RDI competence, Product development, Cooperation with working life, Validation Research group : Health Technology
Office: C5028