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Page updated 9.4.2021
Health Technology

Health Technology

Our group uses well-being technology and gaming applications, systems and processes to provide human-centric services that support and maintain people’s quality of life, well-being, health and functional capacity.

In addition to personal well-being, we also develop patient monitoring and IT systems and develop games.

Our research and development projects are grouped under the following themes:

  • product development for well-being and game technology;
  • information management;
  • development of services associated with health and well-being.



Teppo Saarenpää
Reetta Raitoharju
Jaana Heinonen
Olli Ojala
Mika Luimula
Taisto Suominen
Marika Säisä
Tiina Ferm
Paula Pitkäkangas
Harri Jalonen
Jarkko Paavola
Johanna Krappe
Hanna Ahtosalo
Balsam Almurrani