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Page updated 9.4.2021
Health Technology

Health Technology

You can get to know the operations of the Health Tech Lab and the research group in more detail at https://healthtech.turkuamk.fi/

We produce research, development and innovation services for the needs of health technology. The aim of the research group is to be an active expert partner of health technology product developers and enable more high-quality products and solutions for the field.
The themes of our research and development projects include:

  • Health technology product development – from idea to practice, by taking the medical device regulations into account
  • Information management 
  • AI applications and robotics
  • Development of service related to health and well-being

We offer our cooperation partners both Test Bed activities at the Health Tech Lab and user-oriented product development and testing, conducted in living lab environments.  


Teppo Saarenpää
Reetta Raitoharju
Jaana Heinonen
Olli Ojala
Mika Luimula
Taisto Suominen
Marika Säisä
Tiina Ferm
Paula Pitkäkangas
Harri Jalonen
Jarkko Paavola
Johanna Krappe
Hanna Ahtosalo
Balsam Almurrani