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Page updated 1.9.2022
Global Gateway – Co-creative Management and Responsible Leadership

Global Gateway – Co-creative Management and Responsible Leadership

The research group helps companies and organisations to succeed in a global environment by developing solutions that promote management, skills and leadership in modern work as well as the use of digitalisation in decision-making and business. In a globalised world and multicultural workplaces, the need for internationalisation skills, especially in management, is growing. The group conducts interdisciplinary international and domestic research, focusing on networked environments, cooperation between private and public organisations as well as on internal management issues and inter-organisational relations.

The strength of our research group lies in its multidisciplinarity: our projects involve experts in business, engineering and communication. We develop the skills of our team members and students in their specific fields. Our approach is based on innovation pedagogy, and we aim to link students' theses and other studies closely to our project activities. We also offer our students opportunities for professional development by actively participating in our research and development projects. At the same time, students are able to expand their domestic and international networks.

Our research and development focuses on co-creative and responsible leadership, diversity management, internationalisation skills, digital communication and team skills, and project management, especially in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments. The research group is also interested in companies' ability to anticipate internal and external change needs and to implement reforms with sufficient agility. 
We work with companies, public organisations, universities and research and development units across Europe and beyond. Research and development work with project partners is long-term and multidisciplinary. 

Our research activities focus on:

  • Co-creative management, especially of networked organisations
  • Strategic business management, marketing and sales management and human resources management 
  • Management of collaborative business models of public and private organisations i.e., management of hybrid organisations
  • Operations management, in particular in the field of technology management, through process management, systems thinking and data analytics
  • Change management, knowledge management and information management, organisational learning, human resource management and business management in the health and social care sector
  • Arts and culture management and the integration of arts and culture into other business activities
  • Agile and sustainable development of business ecosystems and innovation
  • Communication and cultural competences of an internationalising company
  • Management, operation and communication in virtual teams
  • Project management
  • Integration of immigrants into the world of work and diversity management

Research group members

Research Group Leader: Rännäli Marjatta
Head of Education and Research: Teppo Neuvonen

Other members:
Aramo-Immonen Heli
Björkberg-Suominen Minna
Hänti Sirpa
Härkönen Anu
Karppelin Annika
Laiho Maarit
Lindell Markku
Lindgren Pia
Raitoharju Reetta
Saari Susanna
Salokangas Heidi
Skarli Poppy
Sorsa Kaisa
Varhelahti Mervi
Varis Keijo
Vesanen Katriina