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Page updated 17.5.2022
Logistics and Transport

Logistics and Transport

The research group's priorities are: 

  • digitalisation and automation of logistics 
  • responsible order-supply chain management -intelligent and sustainable transport 
  • indoor and terminal logistics -electronic transport 
  • city logistics and last mile solutions 
  • location and operation of hubs , as well as accessibility of areas 
  • proactive risk management and safety. 

We cooperate with private operators, research institutes and authorities in the field. 

The expertise of the research group covers a wide range of areas of industrial engineering, logistics and transport, as well as related ICT.

Research group members

Heikkilä Annamari
Heikkinen, Harri
Hietaranta, Jari
Ikonen Markku
Kankaanpää, Harri
Kumpula, Marjo 
Lindström, Kari
Linnossuo Timo
Mansikkala, Jenni
Rantala, Jukka
Siivonen, Janne
Suominen, Veli-Matti
Wahlsten, Rami