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Page updated 6.2.2023
Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

The Manufacturing Engineering research group focuses on solving problems in manufacturing industry. We cooperate with industry, universities and universities of applied sciences in the field of RDI.

The RDI activities of the research group focus on five priority areas:

General manufacturing technology

This research theme focuses on the research and development of manufacturing techniques in mechanical engineering and the industrialisation of new manufacturing techniques. Research topics include machining, sheet metal working techniques and assembly. This theme will also address how to increase the use of robotics and automation in manufacturing and how to overcome the constraints of use.

Welding and joining

This research topic will focus both on the development of joining processes and on the analysis of joints in terms of quality, design and cost. It will also look at joints from the point of view of strength, mechanical properties and materials engineering. The research topic will also consider the impact and challenges of automation in manufacturing and, in particular, the serial production perspective on joining technologies. 

Manufacturing quality and economics

This research theme takes a broader view of manufacturing production methods in the manufacturing industry. From a qualitative perspective, the research topics focus on the development of process quality performance, the monitoring of manufacturing quality, and the use of quality data in manufacturing process control.

Additive manufacturing

The research theme will not only explore the potential of additive manufacturing to produce new types of products, but also develop these manufacturing techniques. The research will provide information on the possibilities and constraints of additive manufacturing to produce different 3D shapes, as well as information on the material properties of the manufactured material at the point of use. This will enable the product designer to make the right decisions at the design stage.

Manufacturing techniques for electrical energy storage devices

The research theme aims to address the challenges and develop production methods for battery technology in electric vehicles and non-road machinery. These research activities support the battery cluster in Southwest Finland.

The research theme will address issues of particular relevance to battery manufacturing, such as electrical safety in manufacturing, manufacturing productivity, quality management and quality assurance.


Research group members

Mr Joonas Pekkarinen
D.Sc. (Tech.), Senior Lecturer
+358 40 355 0348
Mr Heikki Saariluoma
Senior Lecturer
+358 40 355 0305
Mr Sakari Koivunen
Senior Lecturer
+358 40 355 0830
Mr Pekka Törnqvist
Laboratory Engineer
+358 50 598 5923
Mr Tuomo Rautava
M.Sc. (Tech), IWE, Senior Lecturer
+358 40 355 0929