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Page updated 22.12.2022
Marketing and Customer Behaviour

Marketing and Customer Behaviour

The Renewing Sales Research Group researches and develops various aspects of sales, and is therefore strongly involved in supporting, developing and researching the in-house sales transformation.
Digitalization continues to shape society, markets and business models. New technologies are being introduced at an accelerating pace. Data is gaining tremendous speed and companies are learning how to analyze and utilize data.
In the middle of these changes, companies expect salespeople to help them leverage the information they need to succeed in their own business. Thus, companies hope to have the means to enter new markets, enhance their own operations or improve their current way of doing business.
In this changing world, the Renewing Sales Research Group is researching and developing different aspects of sales, e.g. from the point of view of sales work and strategic sales management, especially in the technology driven B2B market. Key topics include the extensive use of data to improve customer experience and sales, and the ability to create value for the customer at various touch points.
The Renewing Sales Research Group works in close interaction with the business community and helps the business community in Southwest Finland in particular. The group operates in national and international networks.