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Page updated 28.8.2017

Arts and electricity at Ruisrock festival

Turku University of Applied Sciences has successfully cooperated with Ruisrock, the oldest rock festival in Finland, for several years by offering festivalgoers programme produced by students and alumni. This year, we demonstrated electricity generation with #Ruissifillari tandem bike and produced high-quality art numbers.

At TUAS’ stand, the festivalgoers at Ruisrock got to experiment with generating electricity by pedalling #Ruissifillari bicycle. It is a tandem bike with a dynamo that converts energy to electricity when pedalling. The freshly generated electricity is led to be utilized for practical purposes. As a keepsake of the special experience, all #Ruissifillari cyclists got a photo of themselves generating electricity by pedalling a bicycle in the middle of a rock festival.  

In addition to #Ruissifillari, the festivalgoers had the opportunity to see artwork and performances by TUAS' Arts Academy students and alumni. Media students, alumni and staff members also had their own roles in the screen production of the yearly rock festival.

Did you know you can study like this?

#Ruissifillari is a project innovated and implemented by TUAS students with a purpose of demonstrating the generation and production of electricity. By pedalling on #Ruissifillari for one hour, you can generate the amount of electricity needed for, for instance, warming two ready-made meals in the microwave oven or watch three 30-minute episodes of your favourite TV show.

Student projects like this one are part of the learning method used at TUAS called Innovation Pedagogy.  Instead of traditional lecture-based and teacher-led studying, we intertwine studying and working life projects, for instance. #Ruissifillari project serves as a perfect example of this, with numerous regional businesses and organizations having participated in the project.

Burning themes: circular economy and environmental issues

This was not the first summer when circular economy and environmental issues were in the centre of the collaboration between TUAS and Ruisrock festival. One project involved festival fitments made of recycled materials. Last year, TUAS demonstrated the sanitary conditions in the developing countries by constructing a special portable dry toilet with walls that are see-through from inside out but opaque from outside in. The purpose of the toilet was to make the toilet users reflect the basic living conditions in the third world countries.

Have a look at this year’s festival atmospheres on our Facebook page.