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Page updated 3.12.2020

How do the new COVID-19 restrictions affect our operations?

Turku UAS has provided its staff and students with instructions concerning its operations according to the decision made by the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) on 2 December.

AVI’s instructions include a mandatory order concerning the number of people participating in public events. We contacted AVI to find out how this order on the limitation of max. 10 people at public events applies higher education institutions. According to AVI, education is considered a critical activity in terms of society, and it cannot be compared with public events in all respects.

As a rule, and where applicable, we follow AVI’s orders but will implement absolutely necessary contact teaching and exams by taking the hygiene instructions into account. In these situations, we try to reduce the group sizes to comply with AVI’s instructions or move the activities to roomier spaces. Our starting point is that everyone can work safely also in absolutely necessary contact situations and, on the other hand, that no-one will suffer any unreasonable delays in their graduation or progress in studies due to the limitations. We have specified our instructions accordingly.

For example, in the operations of the faculty of Health and Well-being, the AVI instructions are followed to the letter, as our students will work in health care services during the holiday season.

“During the autumn, we have been able to operate thus that there have been no significant exposures on campus. We recommend that everyone visiting the campuses takes strict hygiene actions, for example constantly wears a face mask. We also encourage everyone to act responsibly in their spare time and consider AVI’s restrictions on public events”, Rector Vesa Taatila emphasizes.

See our general operation instructions

Operating instructions for students and staff available in Messi (registration needed)