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Page updated 14.9.2023

Turku UAS developed a mobile application to support digital product development

The DigiReactor application provides practical tips and advice for digital product development. The easy-to-read app is available in both Finnish and English on Google Play and AppStore.

Text and photo: Siiri Welling

Turku University of Applied Sciences has created a mobile application that supports digital product development. The DigiReactor application serves as a manual for all parties developing a digital product. For example, digital products are code-based products such as websites, mobile and desktop apps, controller apps, and so on.

"In the application, digital product development is divided into three areas, which focus on, for example, how to take the development of a digital product forward. There are also social media and marketing tips", says Marika Säisä, lecturer and project manager  at Turku University of Applied Sciences.  

The DigiReactor application was developed as part of the project of the same name. The purpose of the project was to strengthen digital product development expertise in Southwest Finland. Events were organised in connection with the project, with keynote speeches and networking opportunities. In addition, the project helped the selected participants in the deeper development of the digital product.

"Together with our coaches, the participants were able to think more carefully about their own idea, i.e. what problem they are solving with their product and how the technical implementation should be taken forward. As a result of these deeper trainings, we have built an application that is now available for download so that everyone considering developing a digital product would get the help they need", says Säisä.

"We have compiled all the tips and advice in a very concise package so that the matter is easy to approach. Practical instructions and tips are included. You do not need to be an expert in the field to read the information package. Anyone can start the development work after having a good idea and use an application created by us to support the development work", Säisä continues.

The app is available in both AppStore and Google Play, Finnish and English. The roots of the application go back to the Capstone project a couple of years ago, where the idea for the digital product development application originated. The application was published by TUAS student-centred project officetheFIRMA.

Turku University of Applied Sciences coordinates the DigiReactor project .The partners were the University of Turku and Turku Business Region.

"DigiReactor's digital product development events and workshop series have brought together students, entrepreneurs and other professionals from different backgrounds to discuss and spar with each other in an interesting way. Cooperation with partners, on the other hand, has been excellent and professional. It has been great to get everyone's input into a wonderful whole", Säisä rejoices.

A handbook has also been produced in Finnish and English. The handbook provides instructions on how to implement the DigiReactor model, i.e. how to become a digital product developer.  The purpose of the handbook is to inspire people to develop their own digital product development, especially with the networks around them. The handbook has been published as an electronic version   on the project's website in Finnish and  English, and it is available to everyone free of charge. 

The DigiReactor project involved the Health Technology Research Group of Turku UAS and was funded by the European Social Fund. The project ended at the end of August 2023.

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