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Page updated 22.9.2023

Cyber Test Lab expands: New facilities will be opened in Kupittaa

There will be no changes to the Cyber Test Lab services on the Salo IoT campus, even though a new office will be available for Kupittaa.

Text: Siiri Welling

The activities of the Cyber Test Lab of Turku University of Applied Sciences will be expanded as Cyber Test Lab will open other facilities for Cyber Test Lab on the Kupittaa campus in ICT City in October. The need to expand its operations came from Turku University of Applied Sciences' business partners.

"The aim is to serve the needs and wishes of companies in the Turku region more extensively. Thanks to enlargement, we are also closer physically to other activities already on campus, such as the 5G test laboratory", says Jarkko Paavola, Principal Lecturer at Turku University of Applied Sciences and Head of the Wireless communications and cybersecurity research group.

Previously, the activities of the Cyber Security Laboratory have only been carried out on the IoT campus in Salo. There will be no changes to Salo's services, which means that companies will also receive cyber testing services from Salo's office as before.

"The only change to Salo's operations is that we move to other facilities within the IoT campus. However, we will continue to organize meetings, events, visits and testing in Salo as needed", says Paavola.

Cyber Test Lab, which operates on Salo campus, focuses on ensuring the cyber security of digital devices and services. The laboratory utilizes automated test tools and customized tests carried out by manual experts. Tests are carried out using the device's user interfaces, interfaces, network connections and wireless data transfer. Similar services will also be offered by a laboratory to be opened on Kupittaa campus.

Laboratories are used especially by the Turku University of Applied Sciences' Wireless Communications and Cybersecurity research group, but they are also used as learning environments.

"A closer presence on the Kupittaa campus will make our ICT students' everyday lives easier, as the learning environment is easier to combine with other study modules", says Tero Reunanen, Head of Education and Research in the ICT competence area at Turku University of Applied Sciences.

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