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Page updated 24.9.2021

Strong cooperation with the Embassy of Brazil

Turku UAS has undergone a wide range of education cooperation with Brazilian organizations.

Brazilian Embassy representatives visited the EduCity campus

Turku UAS’ Rector Vesa Taatila, Head of Innopeda Training Center Susanna Saari and Chief Advisor Marjo Joshi were pleased to receive authoritative guests when representatives of the Brazilian Embassy visited the new campus. 

Senior Lecturer Sanna Simola presented the CampusOnline portal, which has received praise even from the Ministry of Education. Up to 10 courses in Portuguese language and culture have been implemented in the portal in cooperation with the Brazil-Finland Cultural Centre, part of the Brazilian Embassy.

Senior Lecturer Ajaya Joshi recounted his experiences from the Doing Business in Brazil course, which was conducted for the second time in collaboration with Brazilian Embassy.

Education export was also a topic of lively discussion. Innopeda Training Center's training exports have long been concentrated in the Brazilian market. The Brazilian Embassy will continue to give significant support for training activities in Brazil. 

The cooperation will deepen even further in the future. The 200th anniversary of Brazil will be celebrated in 2022 and a joint event with culture and teaching will be planned in Turku.

Obrigado aos nossos convidados!

The first group of teachers were certified as Innopeda® Teachers

The first group of teachers were certified as Innopeda® Teachers at ISO Colegio, Paraiba, Brazil.

The first elementary school in Brazil to be certified as Innopeda® School

TUAS and ISO Colégio e Cursos are collaborating to create pedagogical change in the state of Paraiba, Brazil.

Turku University of Applied Sciences has a new education export project in Brazil

Finnish basic education is renowned around the world. Our higher education is also gaining visibility and interest.