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Page updated 14.3.2022

Edoardo Favari, an expert in mega projects, is a new Fellow of Turku University of Applied Sciences

The new Fellow expert at Turku University of Applied Sciences is Edoardo Favari from Italy. Favari has a PhD in Infrastructure Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, but his main job involves projects. Favari is currently working as an independent consultant on mega projects.

Text: Siiri Welling 
Photo: Edoardo Favari 

I heard about the Turku UAS Fellow programme from Marjatta Rännäli, who is a Senior Lecturer at Turku University of Applied Sciences and a Research Group Leader. We collaborated with Marjatta on the Erasmus+ programme, which we applied for together, says Edoardo Favari via video from Italy. 

Inspired by Rännäli, Favari decided to apply for the Turku UAS Fellow programme. His main task is to expand Turku University of Applied Sciences' project expertise. Favari is currently involved in the MeRIT research group, which aims to raise awareness of large mega projects. Mega projects refer to engineering projects with a budget of reaching up to a billion or which affects many different stakeholders. A mega project can be, for example, a large-scale bridge construction site. 

My own area of ​​expertise is in mega projects. I am interested in this topic, and I also do a lot of research on it. So, I can bring my mega project expertise to Turku University of Applied Sciences. 

Project orientation is interesting 

There are several universities in Italy, many of which are up to twice the size of Turku University of Applied Sciences, if not even larger. Favari considers Turku University of Applied Sciences to be a good size. 

– When I heard about Turku University of Applied Sciences and teaching, I immediately admired the project-based study product. I was also told that in addition to engineering skills, students also learn important “soft skills”. 

Soft skills refer to personal abilities or patterns of action such as empathy and adaptability, communication, and critical thinking. These skills affect a person’s way of working and how a person interacts with others. 

According to Favari, soft skills are hardly taught to young people in higher education in Italy. Soft skills are considered naive, and the main task of an engineer is, for example, to design or build mechanical and electrical equipment. 

A newly graduated engineer may not immediately need soft skills in their own job, but in two or three years the situation will be different. Good organizational skills and resource management skills ensure that an engineer succeeds in working life after graduation. It is therefore great that these skills are taught in higher education. This perspective could be brought to Italy as well, says Favari. 

In addition to diverse skills, Favari praises Turku University of Applied Sciences' way of teaching young people leadership skills. In Italy, at the Politecnico di Milano, Favari teaches leadership and project management. 

Finnish nature was a delight 

Finland is not a country completely unknown to Favari. He enjoyed his summer studies at Aalto University in Finland ten years ago in connection with his doctoral degree. He immediately took a fancy to Finland's nature and summer. 

My family and I travelled by train to St. Petersburg and visited Tallinn and Riga. The experience was great! A few years later we visited Finland again. At that time, I also stayed in Turku for a short time. Finland's lakes and forests are wonderful, that's why I like the country, says Favari. 

Favari believes that during the five-year Turku UAS Fellow programme, he will visit Finland a few times, but will mainly take care of his duties with the good remote connections. 

Favari himself lives outside the city, about 60 kilometres south of Milan. He enjoys running and going out with his family. In addition, he enjoys good food. 

– Of course, traditional food in Finland is different than in Italy, but the climate is also different. However, my restaurant experience was good the last time I visited Finland. But while food is one of my passions, I really enjoy spending time with friends and family at the restaurant. It makes me happy, says Favari. 

Expert programmes at Turku UAS

Turku UAS hosts two different expert programmes. Our Emeritus programme is aimed at the retired staff members. Turku UAS Fellows is our unique scheme for invited experts that aims to foster and extend our collaboration network.