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Built Environment

Built Environment


The activities of the group are public research (55%) and services to companies (45%). The annual resource is approximately 12 person years. The group involves both full-time researchers and teachers. 

Public research

Public research aims to produce scientific knowledge that is available in public. The knowledge can be utilized in product development, development of national regulations and design guidelines regarding built environment, international standardization and university teaching. The long-term target is to improve the well-being of people in built environment. Public research projects can be partially funded by companies. 

The permanent expert areas: 
•    building and environmental acoustics (e.g. product testing, measurements, modeling, development),
•    ventilation (e.g. product testing, measurements, modeling, development),
•    environmental psychology and epidemiology (e.g. noise annoyance in apartments or perception of indoor environment in offices), 
•    experimental psychology in laboratory (e.g. effect of noise or temperature on work performance), 
•    psychophysical experiments in laboratory (e.g. noise annoyance, thermal comfort),
•    measurements in the field of civil engineering. 
The research objects: 
•    building products (e.g. walls, acoustic boards, machines, furniture, ventilation devices),
•    buildings and their physical indoor environment conditions (e.g. offices and apartments),
•    perceptions of occupants in built environment (e.g. surveys in offices and apartments), 
•    behaviour and experiences of humans (subjects voluntarily participating our laboratory, experiments), 
•    buildings and their constructions (such as roads, bridges and quays). 

The public projects are listed on the right side of this page. Projects involve collaboration with national and international research institutes and universities.

The publications of the group since 2016 are listed here.

Laboratory facilities

Approximately 50% of the research and service work is conducted in laboratories. The following laboratory spaces are available for the group:
1.    FINAS-accredited acoustic test laboratory T293 (3 reverberation rooms in Turku), 
2.    laboratories of psychophysics and experimental psychology (3 rooms in Turku), 
3.    anechoic room (in Salo), 
4.    ventilation laboratory (large hall and engine room in Turku), 
5.    laboratory of civil engineering (Turku).  

Laboratories 1 and 2 move to a new campus building in 2020. 

Services to companies

Customized services are offered to companies in the following areas:

  • FINAS –accredited acoustic laboratory tests, 
  • acoustic and noise measurements in buildings and built environments,
  • ventilation surveys in workplaces, 
  • acoustic environment questionnaire surveys in workplaces or residential environments,
  • product development of acoustic properties of building products,
  • consultation services in acoustics and ventilation, and
  • customized training services to companies (building sector, acoustics, ventilation). 

    Services are available both in Finnish and in English. The English-language website listing our services to companies are underway.