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Page updated 13.12.2018
INNOPEDA® Training Center

INNOPEDA® Training Center

Developed here at TUAS, the concept of innovation pedagogy, Innopeda®, contributes to the development of new generations of professionals, whose ways of producing, adopting and utilizing knowledge make innovative thinking and creating added value possible.

Innopeda® Training Center (ITC) coordinates all activities related to Innopeda® and organizes Innopeda trainings in Finland and internationally. It also brings together the staff working as Innopeda trainers at Turku University of Applied Sciences to find ways for developing the internal processes of the organization. These experts also act as trainers in our business projects and support the development work by bringing the latest feedback from clients and customers.

To educate the professionals of tomorrow, we need a new learning culture, which strengthens their ability to act in innovate way in current and future working environments.

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