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Communications Services

Mari Hartemo Ms Hartemo, Mari M.Sc. (Econ. , Bus. Adm.), Brand Manager Phone: +358 50 512 2658Unit: Corporate Services, Communications Services

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Siina Alaranta Ms Alaranta, Siina Communications Specialist Phone: +358 50 598 5684 Henkilön kuva puuttuu Ms Alastalo, Aino Web Editor, Key Account Manager Phone: +358 50 405 9007 Kirsi-Maria Castrén-Harju Ms Castrén-Harju, Kirsi-Maria Communications Specialist, Chief Shop Steward Phone: +358 40 355 0809 Satu Haapala Ms Haapala, Satu M.A., Communications Leader Phone: +358 50 598 5634 Johanna Haltta Ms Haltta, Johanna M.A., Web Editor Phone: +358 50 598 5880 Jenni Iivonen Ms Iivonen, Jenni acting Marketing Designer Phone: +358 40 355 0298 Henkilön kuva puuttuu Ms Laine, Mari-Anna Trainee Henkilön kuva puuttuu Ms Liitiä, Siiri Sanna Merisalo Ms Merisalo, Sanna MA, Marketing Specialist, Project Advisor Phone: +358 50 598 5435 Tina Myllyniemi Ms Myllyniemi, Tina MA, Communications Specialist Phone: +358 40 355 0812 Milja Päivärinta Ms Päivärinta, Milja Medianome, Graphic Designer, Social Media Coordinator Phone: +358 40 355 0832 Sara Pietilä Ms Pietilä, Sara Marketing Designer Phone: +358 40 355 0394 Aleksi Rajamäki Mr Rajamäki, Aleksi MA, acting Web Editor Phone: +358 40 355 0536 Elli Sillanpää Ms Sillanpää, Elli Translator Phone: +358 44 907 2061 Juha Sopanen Mr Sopanen, Juha Communications Advisor Phone: +358 50 598 5537