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Page updated 29.10.2021

Language and guidance services for the customers of Maahanmuuttajien osaamiskeskus

Since early 2021, Turku UAS has provided language and guidance service for students with a foreign background. The aim of the services is to promote the advancement of immigrants to higher education studies and provide versatile support for studying in higher education.

Training, guidance and instruction

In autumn 2021, the services will be expanded thus that in addition to Turku UAS’ own students, they are provided for the customers of Maahanmuuttajien osaamiskeskus (Immigrants’ know-how center), which operates in Turku. 

The customers of Osaamiskeskus are offered guidance on different trainings and degrees, the application and admission processes and other issues regarding higher education studies. Many immigrants wonder what kind of language skill levels and possible language certificates are required in higher education studies.

The customers are also advised on how the Finnish language skills and abilities to study in higher education can be developed before the higher education studies, and thanks to our extensive language study offering, also during the studies. Those who have already started their studies can also obtain individual support for studying in Finnish – help is available, for example, for working on learning assignments or the thesis, or perhaps for preparing for an exam.

Join in on the preparatory training programme!

The customers of Osaamiskeskus who are interested in higher education studies are encouraged to apply for the preparatory programme for higher education studies. It is also possible for the customers to only visit the preparatory programme or get to know higher education studies and the teaching and learning methods according to Innopeda by participating in project work together with degree students.The customers can also get support and good tips from a mentor who is studying or has studied at Turku UAS.

In the development of the higher education path and the guidance services, Turku UAS cooperates closely not only with the advisors working in Maahanmuuttajien osaamiskeskus, but also with the other higher education institutions in the region and especially the SIMHE services of the University of Turku. In addition to the cooperation related to the operations of Osaamiskeskus, all the above-mentioned language and guidance services are naturally provided for Turku UAS’ own students with a foreign background.

In autumn 2021, in addition to exchange students, over 100 new foreign-language students have started at Turku UAS. We want to support their studies with all means possible.

Ongoing projects

OSKE project

Read more about the OSKE project or other ongoing projects related to immigration:
in the OSKE project (2021–2022) , guidance is developed for the customers of Maahanmuuttajien osaamiskeskus in cooperation with the City of Turku and different educational institutions. Turku UAS is responsible for developing the guidance process in higher education and supports the advancement of the Osaamiskeskus customers to higher education studies. 

More information: Tiina Hirard


Become an Engineer in Finland project

In the Become an Engineer in Finland (2019–2021)  project we develop a study path for immigrant engineers who have completed a degree in technology abroad. The study path includes a training programme in the field of engineering and a programme aiming at a higher education diploma. During the study path, the student gets to update their language skills and update their professional competence. 

More information: Mari Tauriainen


VR Fast track project

In the VR Fast track project (2019–2021) we develop and test the utilization of virtual reality in the recognition of immigrants’ competence and in supporting employment education thus that the language skills pose a minimal limitation. In addition, we increase the knowledge of recruitment companies in utilizing virtual reality in training for different tasks and induction, and create a low-threshold work pool experiment, where immigrants would work in pools as light entrepreneurs for employer pools. 

More information: Tiina Laakso


MESH project

The MESH project (2019–2021) develops networks and mentoring to support the employment of immigrants. The aim is to support the placement of people with an immigrant background, or international experts, in the Finnish labour market. 

More information: Essi Hillgren

Get to know our language and guidance services aimed at immigrants

Turku UAS wants to offer students with a foreign background an equal study environment and the opportunity for active inclusion in the higher education community.