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Page updated 11.11.2021
Water and Environmental Engineering

Water and Environmental Engineering

Water and Environmental engineering research group develops scientifically based practical solutions to the challenges in water protection, climate adaptation and conservation of biodiversity. Three themes are at the core of our operations: Urban water management, Water protection and restoration together with Marine environment.

In Urban water management our aim is to advance the large-scale uptake of sustainable solutions in the management of stormwater and hazardous substances through developing and testing technical methods for addressing these issues as well as procedures and offering high quality training for different target groups.

In Water protection and restoration -theme our target is to enhance the better status of Finnish surface waters and Archipelago Sea via developing and promoting the implementation of efficient water protection measures. We have active co-operation within the Baltic Sea states and our main area of operation is rural areas of the Southwest Finland.

Our Marine Environment research and development targets to improved knowledge and enhanced conservation status of marine biota and habitats in the Baltic Sea, from surveys and research to national and international political and strategic processes. In addition to focus on concrete actions and high impact, our key topics are marine mammals and other marine fauna, and bioacoustics and underwater acoustics.

Students are an important part of the research group and they participate the project work in co-operation with the specialists. WET – Water & Envi Tech is our group’s learning environment, in which practical work, networking, learning-by-doing, and the variety of different projects provide a great opportunity for the students to develop the knowhow in the field of water and environmental engineering, already during the studies. 

We carry out applied RDI projects and assignments in collaboration with authorities, companies, and research institutes mainly from European countries. To reach our goals, we utilize the multidisciplinary competence of our group members and work at multiple levels from practical fieldwork to policy level development.

Our core expertise includes:

  • continuous online monitoring of water environment
  • remote sensing, GIS and modeling
  • bioacoustics and underwater acoustics
  • laboratory or field testing of solutions for water protection
  • biological surveys and inventories
  • conservation biology and marine protected area processes
  • planning and designing of water restoration solutions
  • green public procurement
  • training

Water and Environmental Engineering