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Laura Harikkala

Ms Laura Harikkala

MBA, Master of Health Care,, RDI Coordinator Phone: +358 40 355 0437 Email: firstname.lastname@turkuamk.fi Group Email: laura.harikkala@turkuamk.fi Location: Joukahaisenkatu 3, 20520 Turku, B-siipi Units: Health and Well-being, Joint Activities
Competences: Project competence, Financial and funding competence, Swedish, English, Management (matters and people), Teamwork, RDI competence, Business competence Research group : Advancing Supportive Cancer and Palliative Care (CARE) Dignified Old Age Mental Health Promotion SIVISOTE - Development of Child and Family Services and Management Social Inclusion and Active Citizenship
Office: ICT B4048, Osaamispolku