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Page updated 21.1.2021
Clinical Expertise in Health Care

Clinical Expertise in Health Care

In the core of the research group is the innovative development of clinical expertise in health care. We focus on the areas of clinical expertise from the perspectives of emergency care, midwifery and nursing, following the needs of society and the world.

Our research group aims to carry out applied research. Our project activities are based on versatile expertise in developing different educational interventions and training programmes, research evaluation, using different research methods, and simulation pedagogy.

In our projects, we conduct multidisciplinary collaboration with different actors both regionally, nationally and internationally.

Focus areas

The most central development areas and interests of our research group:

  • Ethics in health care
  • Medication expertise and medication teaching
  • Cancer care
  • Intensive care expertise
  • Issues related to the social welfare and health care reform
  • Clinical training in health care and nursing education
  • Simulation expertise / Simulation pedagogy / supporting clinical expertise through simulation pedagogy
  • Games in health care education
  • Digitalization in health care

Ongoing projects

SimEthics, Simulation Pedagogy in learning Ethics in Practice in Health Care:
project is aiming to increase ethical competence among nursing students and prepare professionals to retain an equal and ethical capability within our health-care systems in the Central Baltic region. TUAS is a coordinator of the project.

eMedPassport , The eMedication Passport – cultural adaptation of learning tool, Erasmus + project, TUAS is a partner of the project.

iSPAD , Innovative Simulation Pedagogy for Academic Development, international Erasmus + project, TUAS is a partner of the project.

Chronic Wound Care in Simulation Environment, Erasmus + project, TUAS is a partner of the project.

Vulnerable pregnant women throughout Europe , Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA, TUAS is a partner of the project.

Digital Toolbox for Innovation in Nursing Education I-BOX project , The aim of the project Digital Toolbox for innovation in nursing education (I-BOX) is to design and develop audiovisual materials in open-access format related to procedures and nursing techniques in a simulation environment that will help graduate nursing students to improve their education and training.

National projects can be found on the Finnish website.