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Page updated 29.11.2023
Entrepreneurship and value creation

Entrepreneurship and value creation

The basic idea of the research group is based on an extensive view on entrepreneurship as internal, independent, external and organizational entrepreneurship. In particular, the activities of the research group are focused on

  • entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurial ways of action
  • developing the operations of different enterprises
  • life-long learning
  • development and innovation of value creation, which brings together enterprises, customers, and other stakeholders.

The value may be economic, social, ethic, moral, ecological or political, and value is created in interaction between different operators on different platforms. The tools of promoting new value creation are business and entrepreneur ecosystems, accelerators, enabling experiments and partnerships. These boost the renewal and internationalization of enterprises. At the core is assisting companies and organizations in the development of knowledge- and competence-based solutions, which enable them to grow and develop their services and activities. 

The new business models brought on by digitalisation challenge both existing companies and organizations and new companies to contemplate on their revenue models and methods. The transformation of work, changes in value networks and platform economy as well as social reforms yield new kinds of opportunities for business activities and growth. As a party which both orders and organizes services, the public sector might play a central part in enabling new business.

The target groups of the research group include sole entrepreneurs, micro, SME and macro entrepreneurs, light entrepreneurs, customers undergoing a change in ownership, sports organizations and different operators in the municipal and third sector, and the staff and students of different levels of education.

The research group consists of multiprofessional experts, whose interests include e.g. new business models, the opportunities of sustainable growth, complex entrepreneurship ecosystems, entrepreneurship and leadership competence, continuous learning and the modes of value creation linked to sports. The themes of entrepreneurship are very multidisciplinary and cross boundaries, and thus the research group maintains active contacts with business life and other organizations both at the national and international level and foresees different development trends and weak signals arising from society.

Sustainable growth and supporting it create lots of new opportunities for entrepreneurship and value creation. Climate change, population growth, urbanization, wealth and consumption trends, inequality and environmental pollution are issues, which should be considered in both entrepreneurship and in life in general. Sharing platforms, service-oriented use of products, resource-efficiency, life cycle thinking and recycling create completely new and partly unknown value for responsible entrepreneurship and social development.

Entrepreneurship and value creation map
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