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Page updated 11.1.2023
Practice-based pedagogy

Practice-based pedagogy

The research group Practice-based pedagogy studies and develops the different sectors of higher education and learning. The research group’s focus areas include:

  • student as part of a (multicultural) higher education community
  • pedagogical well-being and guidance
  • generic and field-based competence development and pedagogy
  • flexible learning paths and working-life oriented module solutions
  • multidisciplinary innovative learning environments

The research group develops and supports the change in higher education at the regional, national and international level. 

The activity of the research group is practice-based, and it focuses especially on promoting innovation pedagogy  and the CDIO model. By developing new methods and models of operation and by producing research-oriented knowledge and understanding on learning and high-quality education, the research group supports both the development of students’ competence and teachers’ adaptation to the changing work roles.

Both innovation pedagogy and the CDIO approach have been applied at Turku University of Applied Sciences for over ten years now. Both define the central competence areas required in working life and learning goals from the needs of the surrounding society and both aim to activate the students to adopt the role of an independent actor in their studies.

In addition, the core activities include the coordination and development of and research on the multidisciplinary project studies (project hatchery and innovation project) in the faculty of Engineering and Business. These study modules also work as test environments for RDI projects and training and service products provided for external parties. 

The research group Practice-based pedagogy works actively in national and international networks and cooperates closely also with the Future Learning Design unit, other research groups and learning environments at TUAS. 

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